Administrative Team

Stephanie Flanigan, Head of School

Julie Bragdon, Assistant Head of School

Tara Gehrke, Director of Admission

Ann Poundstone, Business Manager

Dagmar Haberkorn, Controller

Ginny Bishop, Director of Advancement

Carole Baran, Director of Parent Programs & Events

Kindra Headrick, Director of Communications & After School Enrichment Program Coordinator

Kara Zwierkowski, Assistant Director of Admission

Lydia Desmarais, Business Office Assistant

Ashley Randle, Receptionist

Josh Lambert, Technology Assistant

George Richey, Facilities Assistant

Bryce Peatman, Facilities Assistant

James Pickford, Facilities Assistant

Academic Leadership Team

Stephanie Flanigan, Head of School

Julie Bragdon, Assistant Head of School

Anne Hewetson, Elementary Level Leader

Travis Snyder, Middle School Level Leader

Rachel Northrop, Primary Team Leader

Toddler Team

Mary Broeckling, Toddler Teacher

Siobhan Sullivan, Toddler Teacher

Lara Tyler, Toddler Teacher

Primary Team

Mary Bareis-Golumb, Primary Teacher

Kelly Elio, All Day Primary Teacher

Erin Gaskin, All Day Primary Teacher

Christina Graham, All Day Primary Teacher

Rachel Northrop, Primary Team Leader & Teacher

Melissa Patkos, All Day Primary Teacher

Tori Virlee, All Day Primary Teacher

Elementary Team

Anne Hewetson, Elementary Level Leader

Annie Beyer, Lower Elementary Teacher

Elishama Goldfarb, Upper Elementary Teacher

Min Kim, Lower Elementary Teacher

Ashley Lapham, Lower Elementary Teacher

Annie Springer, Upper Elementary Teacher

Jennifer Straus, Upper Elementary Teacher

Karen Weary, Lower Elementary Teacher

Jamie Widler, Lower Elementary Teacher

Middle School Team

Travis Snyder, Middle School Level Leader

Jake Noble, Middle School Teacher

Kevin Nugent, Middle School Teacher

Carrie Ross, Middle School Teacher

Cindy Souser, Middle School Teacher

Sonny Zwierkowski, Middle School Language Arts Teacher

Specials Team

Chris Bangs, Physical Education Teacher

Caitlin Conklin, Music and Drama Teacher

Joy Giles, Art Teacher

Sam Mason, Librarian

Magdalena Ortega-Neri, Primary and Lower Elementary Spanish Teacher

Sonny Zwierkowski, Upper Elementary and Middle School Spanish Teacher

Student Support

Sara Knickerbocker, Director of Learning Support

Cindy Souser, Middle School Counselor

Kirsten Braley, Literacy Specialist