Our seventh and eighth grades continue to expand and extend the philosophy of our lower grades as we meet the social and educational demands of these inquisitive, smart, dynamic young adults. Our seventh and eighth grades have everything a top-notch middle school has and then some, such as math, language arts, research and technology, science and stewardship, humanities, service learning and skill seminars. Classes are Socratic and allow time for deep understanding and conversation.

  • Core studies include Algebra I, intro to Trigonometry, Latin, research and technology, ecology, physical science, chemistry, biology, humanities and language arts.
  • We have a choice of fine arts, with interesting, expanded offerings in visual arts, music and drama.
  • Our elective offerings are student driven and capture and speak to our kids’ interests. This year's electives include photography, chess, film, knitting, art and drama.
  • We are out in the fields and creeks and utilizing the beautiful new science tower to conduct our own scientific research to study everything from water conservation to human impact on animal migration.
  • In addition to an exposure to traditional sports through regular Physical Education classes, we offer partnerships with other schools so students may participate in extra-curricular sports and expand their social circle.
  • We offer three weeklong "Intersessions" to provide an intensive, integrated experience with experiential and do-good components.
  • We take a signature trip to a place that integrates with our academic program, and is in line with our 21st century skill seminars. During the 2014-15 school year, our students will be traveling to Washington DC for a week.

At the conclusion of 8th grade our students complete a capstone project to demonstrate their mastery of the MSD mission and 21st century skills. This project can be done in collaboration with one of our current or future strategic partners such as the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Young Americans Bank, or AVID 4 Adventure.