Our sixth grade is innovative and interactive in method, scholarly in content, and global in scope. Lessons are relevant, authentic to real-world experience, and guided toward student ambitions and passions. We foster intellectual curiosity through lessons that are intriguing, diverse, and designed to keep kids active and engaged.

  • Core studies include mathematics, geometry, introduction to algebra, language, exposure to different genres of writing, literature, science and stewardship and social studies.
  • Students are encouraged to be creative problem-solvers and to think in connections and learn in context.
  • Teachers help students learn how to partner in their own learning, take responsibility, and not be afraid to take risks.
  • An emphasis is placed on the development of time management skills.
  • A multitude of leadership opportunities are available to students in sixth grade including leadership at Community Gatherings, morning meetings, yearbook, doing good projects, and school trips.