At MSD, we believe that when you give to the Annual Fund, you’re helping to power a world of good. A gift to the Fund provides for professional development for our amazing teachers, new technology in the classroom, and financial aid assistance for our families.

Good works are exhilarating. When you look at all the ways your donation comes to life, you’ll get a little rush of “giving goose bumps.” This past year, the Annual Fund helped our students in these important ways:

  • Seventy student computers and iPads mean seventy more ways to connect kids across borders to work on real life problems and collaborate toward solutions.
  • Fifty-nine faculty and staff continuing to learn mean at least fifty-nine more ways to enhance student learning.
  • Fifteen percent of students with financial aid assistance mean that many more kids can remain at MSD, and each student can benefit from a diverse educational experience.
  • One gift from every family means that we have a better chance of winning grants to help our school.

Good work takes a team effort. What you give will be added to the gifts of others and, together, we’ll continue to offer excellence throughout every facet of our school.

Please join us in having 100% of our community give to this year’s MSD Good Works Annual Fund.

If you have any questions, please contact Ginny Bishop, Director of Advancement, at 303-756-9441 x133 or email her at

Thank you for your generous support!