Hello! I am so honored to be MSD’s Head of School.

As MSD approaches its 60th birthday in 2024, and as the reputation of Montessori education continues to flourish, there has never been a better time to celebrate our Montessori past and respect our present while also creating MSD’s future. I will do my Head of School work in the spirit of enhancing our school-wide culture and ensuring we remain a home of educational excellence, community engagement, innovation, excitement, grace, and service to doing good in the world. I am thrilled about marrying my national reputation as a Montessori leader and ambassador with my enthusiasm and energy for MSD. I want to imagine and hatch the next big MSD together with our students, propelling our whole school forward, while balancing fidelity to our Montessori roots with our unique pioneering mindset. These goals are at the core of my Head of School work.

As Head of School, I will embrace and work to enhance our school mission and our core Montessori values. I am happy to open our campus and professional development opportunities to more educators and parents so they can come and learn from us, embracing our destiny as a teaching school for all ages, and expanding the impact of MSD beyond our classrooms and campus fence. I work to foster innovation and intellectual curiosity among all of our constituents so the school thrives programmatically and financially while continuing to serve a diverse population of students and families. I look forward to partnering with all of our community to drive the school forward and to continue to align opportunities with our strategic goals and desired school direction. I strive to be a welcoming and approachable leader who serves all of our community, children and adults with honor, compassion, and generosity.

Montessori education has been the sole focus of my career from being a classroom teacher, program leader, teacher, administrator, educator, conference presenter, Assistant Head of School, AMS Executive Committee Board member, as well as a Montessori student and parent. I will serve our school with joy, integrity, passion, visionary thinking, fortitude, sound judgment, and an unrivaled understanding of our MSD community. It is with great love that I act as MSD's Head of School and look forward to our work together.


Julie Bragdon, Head of School

Want to know more about Julie?

Click here to read the letter sent to our entire community from Lisa Kerscher, MSD's Board Chair at the time, announcing and congratulating Julie as our next Head of School in October 2017.

To learn more about Julie's qualifications visit her LinkedIn webpage.

Julie has written several articles for the AMS magazine, Montessori Life, as well as other online parenting resources. We have selected a few of those articles for you to enjoy:

Good Words About Julie

Here are just a handful of quotes from people who recommended Julie for the Head of School position at MSD:

“Julie is a trusted spokesperson for Montessori Education and provides leadership in many venues. One of the hallmarks of leadership is the ability to shine a light on the efforts of the team and not take the sole credit. Julie consistently acknowledges the work of others.”

“The most important aspect of Julie's work within the Montessori Community is that she is devoted to making the educational environment work for the children. She is a passionate advocate for children and understands what is needed to ensure that a program has the focus required so success is the outcome.” 

“I have experienced her as an active listener who is able to recognize and understand various points of view to determine an action plan that serves all parties.” 

“Julie has a strong sense of self with admirable values around social justice, inclusivity, and peace.”

“I am always heartened and inspired by how Julie goes to bat for children and families to give diverse learners the best possible chance of succeeding at MSD.”

“Julie is a charismatic and well-loved leader who contributes her time and talents to elevate the Montessori dialogue.”

“I am confident that Julie will be an inspiring, productive, fiscally responsible, creative head of school for MSD. Her passion for and knowledge of Montessori education are unparalleled.”

“Julie exhibits visionary leadership...she offers judicious guidance...considers a variety of viewpoints. I have tremendous respect for Julie’s drive and integrity. She is honest and reliable.  It was a pleasure to work with someone I could count on and laugh with. Julie is fun. She is a terrific facilitator at meetings and an open-minded listener to a broad range of ideas. I trust her counsel in delicate discussion. I feel lucky to have Julie as a colleague and a friend.”

“Julie is sure-footed and confident in a crisis.” 


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