What is it that makes MSD so different?  What makes our campus and community so refreshingly, vibrantly unique? 

It’s all about what our kids learn.  You see, our students learn more than facts and figures – they learn how to learn. They discover the adrenaline rush of discovery. The joy of collaborative thinking. They are question-askers, deep-thinkers and optimistic solution-finders.

As master learners, they head off into life with a spirit of inquisitiveness and use all those skills to tackle high school, college and beyond. They aren’t fearful of challenges because they know how to research, experiment, uncover, decipher and solve.

They use what they learn as toddlers, elementary school learners and middle school achievers all the way to future boardrooms— where the world demands that you think creatively and work enthusiastically toward common goals.

They do good in the world. They are aware, empathetic and equipped to create change.

What happens within the walls of our classroom or the confines of our campus is just the spark that ignites an entire lifetime of reaching one’s full potential.

Viva the idea that learning never ends.

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