Welcome to the Montessori School of Denver website! I am thrilled that you have chosen to learn more about our wonderful school and hope that you enjoy exploring what is contained within these pages and come see us in person. We are proud of our local (Association of Colorado Independent Schools) and national (American Montessori Society) recognition and accreditations as an outstanding Montessori and independent educational institution for Toddler through Eighth grade. This year, with over 340 students and 70 faculty and staff members, we celebrate our 54th birthday as the oldest Montessori school in Denver and as the reputation of Montessori education continues to flourish, there has never been a better time to celebrate our Montessori past and respect our present while also creating MSD’s future together.

When you choose MSD you choose an extraordinary experience for your children and your family. At our school, we believe in the happiness advantage and that being happy and optimistic has a great deal to do with success. Research shows that cultivating positive brains make us more motivated, efficient, resilient, creative, and productive which drives performance upward. And that is exactly what we do at MSD.

Our curriculum is grounded in Montessori philosophy but our program includes so much more. MSD parents know first-hand how our educational approach supports and nurtures a child’s development in all areas: physical, intellectual, language, and social-emotional. The foundation of Montessori education was built upon empirically developed theories about the optimal learning environments for children. Maria Montessori's work resonates with many of the topics discussed in the broader educational community today including motivation, executive functioning, brain development, character education, and grit. Pair that with the dynamic experience of MSD as well as the best thinking in education, and you have a winning approach that will keep your children engaged, curious, excited about learning, and always reaching for their full potential.

If what you see and read here intrigues you then I invite you to come visit and learn first-hand just what makes MSD a remarkable place. I look forward to welcoming you to school!

Warm regards,

Julie Bragdon
Head of School

Montessori School of Denver
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