Wow, what an incredible day at the Fall Harvest Festival on Sunday, October 21! The day was filled with fabulous Halloween costumes, beautiful blue skies, delicious food, fun at the carnival games, and MSD families all having a great time together! What a wonderful community we have - with your support, we were able to raise over almost $12,000 for our amazing school.


Many, many thanks to the Co-Chairs of the Fall Harvest pictured below left to right:  MSD moms, Allison Smookler (Alyx Moore's mom), Candice Esch (Hunter & Penny's mom) and Katie Amadeo (Max's mom.) You knocked it out of the park with all you did to make this an incredible day for everyone! THANK YOU!!

Also a big thank you to Alex Bellamy-Cesar, who manned the Wheel of Fortune the entire festival, as well as the Tooth Fairy (aka our Head of School Julie Bragdon) for running the cake walk 44 times! Yes, 44 times! This event cannot be the success it is without our volunteers and donors. A HUGE thank you to all of you!!!

Thank you to all of the parent volunteers for this year's festival:

Arts & Crafts Table - Cosette DiPietro, Heather Lindon, Karine Pantazopoulos
Check-In Table - Jonathan Boho, Rebecca Goldberg, Kim Henely, Jeff Knudsen, Nick & Lauren Machol, Debora Magner, Amanda Roberts, Missy Scully
Clean -Up - Daniel Beck, Vinnie DiPietro, George Kincaid, Jeff Letey, Todd Miller, Dan Murray, Susan Scyphers, Katie Thomas
Food Servers & Cashiers - Gabriela Carrion, Stephanie Meisner, Angie Porter, Meghan Rubinstein, Jennifer Wettstein, Katie Ziegler
Games  - Tom Brown, Ari Cooperman, Amanda Dempsey, Heather Dunn, Emily Griswold
Grill Masters - Jason Bonanno, Kathy & Matt Lindner, Michael Lamb, Roy Mabrey, Casper Scyphers
Parking Lot - Matt Harris, Salvador Torres
Roving Photographer - Laura Harris
Pinata Coordinators - Patricia Lepiani & Laszlo Kalloi
Popcorn & Lemonade Stand - Ashton & Bobby Patton
Pre-Event Projects - April Bradley, Laura Harris
Pumpkin Patch - Jolene Blanchard, Jeff Letey
Roving Ticket Sales - Callae Gedrose
Set-Up (Saturday & Sunday) -  Ryan Bahrke, Catherin Bitting, Emily Brown, Carrie Campen, Brooke Flavin, Stuart Grazier, Grant & Kiara Leasia, Jeff Letey, Stuart Logan, Siobhan Maio, Kelly Meagher, Dan Murray, Katie Thomas, Sarah Tie, Milli Wolfson, Nick Ziegler
Wheel of Fortune - Alex Bellamy-Cesar

Thank you to all of the families who donated food and prizes!

Aboadas/Henderson, Abraham, Amadeo, Amboyer, Bahrke/Lyons, Banegas/d'Agostino, Bartley, Batting, Beck, Blanchard, Brennan/Chapman, Brown (Tom & Emily),  Butler, Carlile/Stengel, Carrion, Cook, Cruz-Miller, Dadgar, DiPietro, Duffy, Dunn, Emich, Fernandez, Fetzer, Flavin, Freeman, Furtek, Glaws, Gram, Grazier, Kearns, Kincaid, Kinsman, Knickerbocker, Knudsen/Henely, Kott, Leasia, Leonhardt, Levine, Lindner, Lindon, Lopez/Curtis-Lopez, Machol, Magner, Martinet, McDonough/Bitting, Meisner, Patton, Pietsch, Rubinstein, Villasenor, Williams/Maki-Williams, and Ziegler. Also to Betty Schreiner, Clara's grandmother, who donated cakes for our cake walk and gluten-free sweet treats!

Thank you to the MSD Staff who worked the Festival - Julie Bragdon, Ginny Bishop, Casey Campbell, Linder Gendron, Caleb Gruder, Jolene Platz, and Molly Tronco. The 8th graders were awesome as they worked to earn money towards their 8th grade trip! Thank you to Diego Carrion, Grant Gedrose, Sophie Graham, Harrison Kerscher, Colin McCoy, Caty Meisner, and Taylor Meisner. The following MSD Alums volunteered at the festival to earn Community Service hours - Grace Carstensen, Ethan Gedrose, Kaci Karl (AND her mom, Kim Van Deraa), and Khali Rowan. The love for MSD just keeps going even after you graduate!

We had tremendous support from many businesses and we hope you will support them!


ACE Hardware, https://www.coloradohelpfulplace.com/, our wonderful neighbor from across the street! They donated all the burgers and hot dogs, and the use of their grills.

David Cook, Cherry Creek Mortgage, sponsored the coffee cart!

Detour Bakery, our other wonderful neighbor from across the street! They donated delicious butter and chocolate croissants.

EON Office, Elena Wuchner, MSD mom, sponsored the MIni-Train

Tavern Lowry www.tavernhg.com/lowry, donated four trays yummy mac-n-cheese.

Thank you to the following families who sponsored this year's festival. Their donations helped to underwrite the costs of the event!

Platinum Pumpkin Level

Ash & Melinda Alankar
Rob & Kathy Ammann
Tom & Emily Brown
Pat & Arlene Esch (Hunter & Penny's grandparents)
Chuck & Asia Ewing
Brad & Karly Farber
Ryan & Aubrie Glaws
David Kaplan & Danit Damari
Brad & Laura Kott
Jonathan & Erin Marsico
Scott & Angie Porter
Jed Seigle & Jennifer Wettstein
Evan Schwartz
Heather Sullivan
Kurt & Dawn Tyler

Silver Skeleton Level

Jimmy & Kostula Balafas
Eric & Lorien Butler
Stephen Tsai & Sonya Bassaly

Thank you to Chuck Woodford, our DJ/Emcee for the day; and to Magic Rob, who entertained us all, https://www.magicrob.com/

WOW!! What a huge event and a HUGE success! Thank you everyone for your support, we couldn't have done it without you!



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