New Parent Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Carline is the term used for MSD’s system of dropping off and picking up children (Primary through Middle School). Due to limited parking on campus, utilizing carline is highly encouraged. The entrance for carline is on Holly Street and the driveway is two way. Please proceed down the driveway, around the Church (building five), around the Library Building, forming two lanes (follow the signs). At the bend on the east side of the Library building, please merge into a single line. The first car unloading pulls up to the sign beyond the drop-off shelter and waits until MSD personnel unloads or loads the children into the car. The driveway exits to the right (west) onto Florida Avenue.
These carline tips may come in handy:
1.  Arrive at school on time. Have your child(ren) ready to exit the vehicle when they get to the drop-off zone (i.e. coats, gloves, hats, and backpacks on and ready to exit the vehicle).
2.  Driveway speed limits are 5 MPH!! The direction in carline is one way only.
3.  Proceed around the drive to the beginning of the marked carline line.
4.  Wait in your car for your child to be taken out or put in your car. Remember to pull forward and buckle up in the buckle up zone after your child is loaded.
5.  Please do not park in the driveway more than five minutes before carline. It is important to keep the driveway clear for the safety of our children in case of an emergency.
6.  DO NOT PASS in carline and DO NOT DOUBLE PARK.
7.  Prompt pick-up at dismissal time is much appreciated. There is a $30.00 charge per child every 15 minutes after the designated pick-up time from carline (11:45am & 3:15pm). Late pick-up fees must be paid for by credit card.
8.  Please alert other group carpool members if you are going to be late.
The Colorado Department of Human Services requires all two, three, and four year old children to be signed in and out by the person(s) dropping them off and picking them up. A full signature is required every time. Toddler and Primary teachers will have a colored sheet for you to use at carline as well as in the classroom for this purpose.
Every day in the Toddler and Primary programs students have the opportunity to enjoy a nutritious morning snack. The snack is provided on a rotating basis by parents. We are required by State law to limit snacks to foods that are prepackaged and prepared from commercial sources, which must be received sealed. This means no homemade goodies unless it is in connection with a “single event or celebration” (e.g. cultural pot-lucks or a holiday celebration). The MSD Wellness Committee has designed a weekly rotating snack shopping list for Primary and Kindergarten families. The goals of the snack program are to: improve the overall nutrition of snack, offer better variety in the snacks provided, offer opportunities for children to actively prepare their own snack in accordance with the Montessori Practical Life curriculum, and to reduce the number of family snack days. The Toddler program has a rotating daily snack schedule. Elementary and Middle School students bring their own individual snacks from home.
In conjunction with MSD’s Wellness Initiative, MSD no longer serves a special Birthday snack to the classroom in conjunction with your child’s birthday celebration. Your child will be honored and celebrated on their special day in a variety of other ways.
1. REGISTER yourself at as the Account Holder. Select your zip code and school from the registration page.
2. ADD USERS to your account.  Users can be children or adults – anyone who may dine with WT Café during the school year.
3. CUSTOMIZE YOUR MENU by indicating dietary preferences for each user under MANAGE ACCOUNT.  Your menu items will then be filtered by these preferences.
4. CHOOSE YOUR DEFAULT MEAL SIZE.  Appetites vary by child and activity level, but generally Preschool is under K, Regular is for K-5, and Large is for 6–12.
4. ORDER LUNCH.  Pre-order meals 36 hours in advance of lunch service for full menu or 8am daily for a rush lunch.  You may cancel or edit meals online up to 8am same day!
5. AUTO-ORDER MEALS TO SAVE TIME.  Select your child’s favorites (under MANAGE ACCOUNT or from the ORDER screen) and click AUTO-ORDER from the ORDER screen to automatically populate orders on the days your child’s favorites are on the menu.
6. RECEIVE EMAIL CONFIRMATION.  You will receive an email confirmation with each WT Café transaction.
All-school assemblies are held monthly on Monday mornings, typically from 9-10am. Performers offer productions to expand on the class curriculum. These performers can be local companies, organizations, or our very own students.
The Work Bond program is designed to strengthen the quality of the volunteer program and to help keep tuition increases to a minimum. Each family at MSD commits to 25 hours of volunteer service.
How many hours do we need?
Each family is required to complete a total of 25 volunteer hours annually. Two hours must be earned by attending a Parent Education Event, and three hours must be volunteering with the Parent Association.
How does MSD know we are receiving our hours?
Every time an adult family member volunteers, the supervisor of the project must sign and date the Work Bond card, indicating the number of credits
After School Enrichment Program (ASEP): Registration takes place each semester and provides a variety of extra-curricular classes for Primary through Middle School aged children.
Lunch Bunch: Half-day students are able to stay an extra hour either Monday or Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays with the Kindergarteners.  This program is selected by lottery and depends upon available space. The lottery takes place each semester.
Drop-In After School: This program is available for occasional childcare needs. You may call the front desk and sign your child up for the after school program by noon of the same day. Limited spaces are available.
Yes. Individual photos take place in September. Class pictures take place in the April. Order forms will be distributed by Van Gogh Photography.
We depend on your gift to the Annual Fund each year because donations to the Good Works Annual Fund bring technology into the classroom, provide professional development opportunities for our wonderful teachers, and support our families in need with financial aid. A gift to the Annual Fund—no matter what the size—makes a difference in your student’s life and for each and every student at MSD.
Our goal is always 100% parent participation!  If you have any questions about the Annual Fund, please contact Ginny Bishop, Director of Advancement, at
You can always call the front desk and they will help get you your answers or direct you to a person who will.
Each family must turn their Work Bond card into the office by noon on the last day of school with all the necessary signatures and all the hours totaled.
You can talk to Carole Baran, the Director of Parent Programs & Events. Serious extenuating circumstances will be taken into account. Otherwise, you forfeit your $250 Work Bond deposit paid at the beginning of the year, and will have to pay another $250 Work Bond deposit for the following school year.
Most Work Bond jobs are hour for hour credit. The signing supervisors will make the final decision. If it is a food or supply item, one Work Bond credit is awarded for each $10 spent.


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