MSD offers a series of unique adult education events during the school year. While the specific topics change yearly, Parent Program events always provide the opportunity to learn more about child development, best practices when it comes to teaching and parenting, and more about the hallmarks of the different MSD programs. There are morning coffees with the Head of School, as well as evening presentations about curriculum. All Parent Program events are dynamic, engaging, and leave you wanting to come to MSD every day with your child.

In fulfilling a family’s Work Bond obligation for the school year, MSD asks each family to attend at least one Parent Program event (worth two Work Bond credits). Of course, you are welcome to attend as many as you’d like! Each time a family member attends a Parent Program event, they should note the event on their Work Bond form.

We welcome all of our current parents, prospective parents, and members of the community to join us for these Parent Program events (unless noted otherwise).

MSD Community Podcast Series

Podcasts are the new way for people to get information fast, when they want it, and how they want it. Since we have such busy lives, what’s attractive about podcasts is that you can get information that’s important to you while you’re making dinner, working out, driving in the car, or weeding your garden. That’s why we decided to launch the "MSD Community Podcast Series—Montessori Parenting Information On-the-Go." We have compiled a series of podcasts at each grade level that are snapshots of what parents want to learn more about. We hope that this format will be helpful in keeping you up-to-date on the latest Montessori strategies and tactics for raising children from Toddler – Middle School. Listen once or as often as you like, or forward it to a friend or family member that could enjoy learning about a particular topic. We will be populating the site with new material as the year unfolds, so check back often. Happy Listening!

2019-2020 Parent Program Events


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