I CAN see the connections between subjects and dive deeper to learn more.


(ages six through nine, grades one through three)

The MSD Lower Elementary Program provides a strong academic continuum for the intellectually curious student. We know that elementary-aged children are ready to take on a much higher level of challenge and responsibility and our Faculty and Staff are ready to provide new opportunities to learn and grow. The Lower Elementary curriculum is rigorous and provides students with the resources to be successful in their studies.

  • The teachers draw from Montessori materials as well as a variety of other resources to aid in their teaching.
  • The curriculum subjects are integrated and span across the curriculum in the areas of geography, reading, creative writing, research, science, and environmental issues.
  • Lower Elementary studies include biology, zoology, world cultures, geography, history, reading, writing, spelling, geometry, and general math.
  • Teachers augment continent studies and science foci with immersion days, field trips, and guest speakers.
  • Children learn to care for themselves, others, and their environment and are taught conflict resolution skills to help refine their immediate social needs as well as to foster skills needed for the future.

This program instills in children a love of learning through a variety of teaching methods and independent exploration and experimentation. Concepts continue to be introduced through concrete materials but students at this level are now capable of more abstract thought. Classroom projects are often inquiry-based, requiring the children to demonstrate understanding in a variety of ways. The combination of the integrated Montessori curriculum, the aesthetically pleasing classroom environment, and the deep respect afforded the children by the teachers creates a joyful learning environment that primes children for success.

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Accredited by the Association of Colorado
Independent Schools and the
American Montessori Society*

*Accredited with non-traditional Montessori age groupings