Our Soil Gardens

Toddlers busily grow potatoes, onions, and carrots for their Stone Soup lesson. With two raised beds of their own, Toddlers love to gently water their crops as they wait for harvest time!

Primary students tend to big self-contained pots outside their classrooms, preparing and saving seeds for our Seed Library.

To introduce students to the value of a self-sustaining garden program students learn how to prepare and package nearly 1,000 seed packets to sustain their garden in the next growing season. The Seed Library is cataloged through the Library catalog system and is available to our whole community to enhance their own backyard gardens.

Lower Elementary students investigate ways to address waste reduction on campus. Topics include composting in the cafeteria, vermiculture, and recycling.

Our Upper Elementary students learn about the future of farming using hydroponics. Students plant seeds in soil-free grow media and then transplant the seedlings to two Tower Gardens in our Commons to grow beautiful, leafy greens.

Maria Montessori believed that as children grew into the middle years of education, they should be working with their hands in the enterprise of farming, therefore, MSD’s Middle School students are the drivers of our Urban Farm program. During weekly gardening classes, the Middle School students learn about the many aspects of soil-based urban gardening through the lens of math, science, language arts, nutrition, and health. Middle school students also plant, tend and harvest the crops located in our main six raised beds. 

For more information about MSD’s Urban Farm program please email msd-farm@msd-co.org.

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