Urban Farm Events & Programs

The Urban Farm works as a business venture and Middle School Urban Farm students learn how to sustain their farm business through a plan that includes marketing, fundraising through grants, hosting farmer’s markets, and seedling and totes sales, and working on our new Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program. Students also host an annual Farm-to-Table Dinner for our Middle School extended community.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program

The MSD Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program is a program in which participants can receive a weekly share of hydroponic produce and vegetables picked up in front of the Vertical Farm. Families can expect to receive between one and two pounds of nutritiously local produce each week during the program! Click here to read all about the CSA Program.

Produce from the Vertical Farm will include several varieties of living lettuce including butterhead, loose-leaf and romaine; nutritious leafy greens such as Red Russian kale, Lacinato kale, and Swiss chard; Asian greens such as bok choy, and mizuna; and culinary herbs including basil, parsley, and chives.

Doing Good

In the past, MSD partnered with St. Elizabeth’s School in Denver to collaborate and help to start an Urban Farm at their school. For three years, MSD and St. Elizabeth’s students worked together at each campus to advance the mission of their gardening programs. In the first year of the partnership, St. Elizabeth’s students apprenticed at MSD, tending to our soil gardens and helping us to execute our Farmers Markets and Seedling Sales. In the second year, St. Elizabeth’s students instituted a hydroponics-to-salad-bar program at their own school, growing leafy greens in four Tower Gardens on their campus. in the third year, the students worked towards revitalizing seven raised beds on St. Elizabeth’s campus and continued their study of hydroponics.

Summer Gardening Program

The Urban Farm program continues over the summer as well when MSD families tend to the garden and harvest the bounty! The Summer Gardening Program is open to all MSD families and all ages are welcome to water, harvest, and weigh the produce. Families love the chance to spend a morning in the garden, and they enjoy the yummy dishes they make with the produce. A portion of each harvest is donated to those in need.


Adult Evening Enrichment Gardening Classes

Parents are invited to join our Farm Team for evening adult enrichment gardening classes on the MSD campus! Bring a friend, or bring a neighbor, these classes are open to all parents and friends of the MSD community. More information will be available soon.





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