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    “My children benefit from the strength of the community at MSD. Every day for the last nine years, the teachers and staff at MSD have given my children the foundation and nurturing environment to support their successes as well as their stumbles. I give to MSD because I believe this community is special, and I want others to share in this experience.”–Lower and Upper El parent

    “It’s a fulfilling way to give back to the community that has helped raised me to become the individual I am today.” –MSD Class of ’16 student

    “When you enter through the gates at MSD you know immediately you have entered a very warm, special, positive place with happy children. I have watched my grandsons for the past ten years learn and grow with the guidance at MSD. The knowledge they have about everything from dinosaurs to climate change is absolutely amazing to me (things at my age, I don’t even know).  Not only book learning but learning kindness, integrity and how to be a better person in life. It’s an exciting, exhilarating place and I give because I hope all children will have the opportunity to experience and learn from the loving teachers and staff that make learning fun at MSD!! –MSD grandparent

    “Because it’s my school and I love it so so much!” –Upper El Student

    “I give to MSD because I love my school and I want it to stay awesome!” –Upper El student

    “MSD has amazing teachers and programs. I’ve seen the impact on my daughter. I give to MSD because I cherish this school and what it has meant to my family.”  –Upper El parent

    “To support our teachers in giving us an awesome education.” –Lower El student

    “Because I believe in the MSD community and the role we play as part of a larger, global community.” –Lower and Upper El parent

    “Cuz my teachers are awesome and I want to say thanks.” –Kindergarten student

    “Our family likes to donate generously to MSD via the Annual Fund given the substantial, positive impact that MSD has had on our 10-year-old daughter, who joined MSD in Kindergarten and is still thriving today as a fifth grader in Upper El. During her six years as a student at MSD, our daughter’s excitement and enthusiasm for going to school each day continues to grow and strengthen. We receive great pleasure knowing that our donations help support the extraordinary education that MSD offers its students as a result of MSD’s well trained and passionate teachers, its favorable student-to-teacher ratio, and MSD’s incredible campus and facilities. We also enjoy teaching our daughter the value and importance of donating time and money to worthy causes.” –Upper El parents

    “It’s nice to give back to my school.” –Kindergarten student

    “I give because I love the sharing stone and my class.” –Primary student

    “We like to give our time, money and resources to MSD because of the practical life skills and education all the staff members give our children daily." –Toddler and Primary parent

    “Every parent wants the best for their kids.  MSD’s culture, mission, and staff have created an environment where our boys thrive – where they are at their best. Anything we can give to help support MSD is paid back many times over as our boys grow in this exceptional learning environment.” –Parent of two Primary students

    “I am eternally grateful for the MSD teachers and the love of learning they are helping my three children realize, each in their own very different way.  Contributing financially comes from a place of wanting the teachers and MSD as a whole to have as many resources as possible to continue offering a high-level education and nurturing environment and from an awareness of the gap between tuition and the cost to run the school.  We are a small but mighty community and it feels good to be part of something larger than myself that makes a difference for our school.”  –Parent of three MSD students

    “I give to MSD because I want to support the incredible teachers doing work that I believe in.  My sisters and I were students at MSD and I am sending my girls there.  I want to support the school so that it is able to continue its mission toward inspiring independent, passionate learners.” –MSD alum and parent of one alum student and one current Primary student

    “I give to MSD because it is home to us.  When we moved to Denver from Chicago we were welcomed by awesome teachers, staff, and a strong parent community.  My girls have blossomed thanks to the MSD environment.  We give our time, talent and treasure to MSD with thanks and with the hope the school will continue to inspire students.” –Parent of alum and current Primary student

    “I give to MSD because I value all the ways the school enriches the lives of my children and family.  I was instantly hooked on MSD’s philosophy yet have been surprised by just how much MSD has positively impacted my children’s curiosity in learning, empowerment of independence, understanding of healthy relationships, and general love of school.  I give because I want to support teachers and administrators in continuing to help the school flourish.” –Parent of two Primary students

    “We give not only to support our children but for the greater good of the school. Our donation is maximized on Colorado Gives Day and we feel it is our responsibility as parents to provide more opportunity within our school community. More opportunities equal more choices. Montessori students need choices!” –Parent of two Primary students

     “To be an active participant of the MSD family is one of those interactions of giving but you feel you get back so much more!” –Middle School parent

    “Giving is the fuel to the fire to keep the special energy and karma alive.” –Middle School parent

    "I give to MSD’s Annual Fund every year because I believe in what we do here. I believe that Montessori is best educational practices, and I believe that Montessori is 21st Century learning. And I believe in the big picture vision that Stephanie, Julie, and the Board have for our school community. I give because I have benefitted from many professional development opportunities. I see the technology opportunities that are available here that other schools are only just making plans for. And I give because I know that the percentage of Faculty/Staff who give is a powerful number to share with Foundations who might be willing to donate great sums of money to further our greater vision." –Toddler Teacher

    “Simple, it feels like the right thing to do.” –Middle School parent

    “I love my school and I love my friends and teachers! I would do whatever I could to help everyone.” –Middle School student

    “Our family gives to the MSD Annual Fund to support our school, community, teachers, and staff.  It is so impressive that every year the MSD faculty and staff reach 100% participation in giving to the Annual Fund and we want to support them and everything they do for our children.”  –Family of Lower El and Upper El student

    “We give to the Annual Fund to help make a great and exceptional education.”  –Upper El parent

    “Our family is deeply involved in giving time, money, and effort to causes and organizations we support and believe in. It is as important to us that we are involved in our kids’ organizations as volunteers as it is that we donate money to these organizations. I think our children have a deeper sense of connections to these organizations and causes because we actively discuss our giving with them. We explain the mission and goals of the organizations we support and expect them to understand that one day they will have a responsibility to help others. It’s easy to say, 'We’re just too busy right now,' or 'We just don’t have that much to give.' Everyone has something to give to create a better community. Whether it is a large donation or a small one, it doesn’t matter. And everybody can MAKE time to volunteer. Giving your time, talent, and treasure makes your community a better place. It’s easy to let life pass you by and not get involved, but that’s not a meaningful life. When you give, the community is a better place AND you enrich your own life.” –Family of an alum, a Middle School student, and two Lower El students

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